Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blessings of a Bargainista

This might sound silly to some, but if you're a woman of faith who also happens to love shoes as well as a great deal...........I'm sure you'll understand!

I was taking my oldest daughter to get a new bathing suit for an upcoming trip. I had a few stores I needed to stop at and as my car pulled out of the driveway, I instinctively pointed it towards Boardman. Then a thought came to my mind, "Why not go to Niles instead? If I go there, I only have to unload the kids once instead of three times!" So, I redirected my car to the Easwood Mall, which contained all of the stores I needed in one place!

I had a coupon for JC Penney, as well as some birthday money,although there was nothing I particularly wanted or needed. While browsing through Penney's, I found the cutest pair of camel colored, cowboy boot-inspired, slouchy boots on the clearance rack! There was no price sticker on them, so I took them to the counter and asked if the lady there could tell me the price. I could barely contain my excitement as she told me that these boots, which had been $100.00, were now just $19.97! After my coupon, they ended up being slightly more than $15.00!

This may sound like a silly testimony to some. But you see, I had been wanting a pair of these boots back in the fall to wear over my skinny jeans, but I did not want to pay the price for them at the time. So, as with many things in life, I got over them and as the temperature rose, my attention turned toward sandals and flip flops. At the beginning of June, these boots were the furthest thing from my mind. Until, that is, I saw them on the clearance rack, and my heart skipped a beat!

I drove home, bubbling with excitement over my new boots and the fact that I had paid so little for them, when it hit me. With tears in my eyes, I said, "Lord, thank you, that you continue to go out of your way to bless me. It amazes me that you would redirect my path, even in something as seemingly trivial as a shopping trip, to show me how you desire to bless me! Even though these boots were far from my mind, you still know the depths of my heart and every need and want that it contains. I am humbled to think that you are that mindful of me and am reminded that you are and always will be a most thoughtful and loving God!"

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