Thursday, March 11, 2010

Grandma's seed

My maternal grandmother was what I used to call a "holy roller." She loved God, and it showed. I spent many nights with her. I recall thinking that once you got that old, you must not need to sleep anymore, because when I stayed with her, Grandma was awake when I went to sleep, when I woke in the middle of the night, and when daylight began to peek through the window and I slipped out of bed, she was still awake. Most of the time she was reading her Bible, on her knees in prayer, or watching a young Pat Robertson on "The 700 Club." Many of the nights I stayed with Grandma must have been Saturdays, because spending the night often meant church in the morning.

I treasured these times spent with Grandma and was devastated at her passing when I was just 8 years old. Grandma may have left behind many things, but the thing I am most grateful for, to this day is the seed of God's word that she planted in my heart. I believe, to this day, that much of the time I saw her on her knees, she was praying for me. I like to think that perhaps she even prayed over me as I slept.

That seed that Grandma planted in me is a miraculous thing. Although there were many years of drought in my life, there were times in between, when the seed received little drops of water, which came in the form of bits of God's word as I drifted in and out of churches and relationships with believers. That seed got enough to survive until the day, nearly 18 years after Grandma had gone to heaven, when I finally surrendered to God's love at the age of 26. Today, that seed Grandma planted has grown into a beautiful tree, taking root deep within my spirit, receiving a steady supply of living water as I continue to feed on God's word and everlasting love.

Growing up, I always thought it was about believing in God. Thanks to Grandma's seed, and to those who watered it along the way, I have finally discovered that it's not enough to simply believe in God. Now I see that it's about forming a relationship with God that cannot be replaced by anyone or anything in this world.

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